Sunsets of Rodadero and Taganga

Rodadero: An Experience for Everyone
Rodadero Family SunsetSerene, yet dynamic.  Busy, yet calm.  As the sun begins its gradual descent to kiss the horizon, your attention is torn by the activity surrounding you.  Children sprinting in and out of the water laughing and playing games.  Fishermen steadying themselves on rocky piers hoping for one last catch before the day’s end.  Pedestrian snack vendors crying out their products for you to enjoy during the event.  Couples of all ages seated on the naked sand huddling close and gazing into the distance.  These are a few descriptions that characterize the sunsets in Rodadero.

As the sun races to the horizon finish line, more and more people become enraptured by the streams of colors emanating from the west.  Cameras flicker intermittently.  A guitar singing a provincial melody accompanies the scene while bongo drums provide the beat to both the spectacle and impromptu dancers alike.  The anticipation increases as the sun’s dive seems to speed up.  As a waft of marijuana passes by from an anonymous user, all settle in for the free show.   When the sun touches the horizon, mixtures of reds, purples, and oranges compete for space on the calm sea.  The steady ripples of the tide make each color flicker at different moments, giving each their respective time for prominence.

Rodadero Sea Sunset

As the sun dips below the horizon, colors rapidly departs from the sea.  The sky however continues to provide reds and purples streaming to the east with diminishing strength.  Some people begin to file to the exits as the concert of lights ends, while others stay on to enjoy the pleasantries the dusk has to offer.

Taganga: Adventurers Wanted

Taganga Sunset

It’s a parade.  They come off the shore with matching instruments and uniforms.  Another day of exploring nearby coral reefs has proven successful for these international divers.  As the parade continues, boats return to shore, depart the shore, and race across the bay at varying speeds.  Their wakes disturb the placid waters that have a wavering golden streak leading to the shore and splashing the beach with a golden bath.

Vendors on the street parallel to the beach offer fresh juices, iced coffees, and various snacks.  Customers and owners lounge at the various bars gazing at the activity and the water.  While the sea and the sun are featured out to the west, to the east are green, rolling mountains from Colombia’s Sierra Nevada.  This isn’t the family event in Rodadero, but more of an added benefit for the global backpackers and local naturalists that makeup Taganga.

Taganga Street Sunset

As the sun descends the town begins its transformation from daytime adventures to dynamic nightlife.  Open air restaurants compete for consumers, providing the populace with no shortage of options. The cuisines offered prove to be as diverse as the travelers that pass through the town.  As dusk takes over from sunset, a kids’ soccer practice begins across the street from the restaurant Los Baguettes de Maria.  Pedestrians, motorbikes, and cars compete for space up and down the streets as the night takes over.

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