The Night Life in Santa Marta

Hola my name is Darrin and I am the current volunteer at La Agencia Travelers. I was curious to see what the night life was like here and I was definitely surprised. Colombianos know how to party to say the least. First I caught the bus which was about a 25 minute ride. I did not know exactly where I was going but I heard of a place called El Parque de los Novios which was a beautiful place might I add. It has different restaurants, bars & clubs. I was told there would be a lot of tourist but to my surprise there were a lot of locals.


I first stopped at a bar called Club Colombia which had good prices for drinks and food. The customer service there was outstanding. They did not speak English but luckily I spoke enough Spanish to get what I needed. I bought a few drinks and met some nice people while I was there and of course we danced, drank, and had fun. After awhile I decided to go to another club about 10 minutes away so I had to take another taxi there. Speaking of taxis, the taxi drivers were very friendly and inquisitive about where I was from (USA) and wanted to get to know about my country which i thought was cool.

So arrived at another club called La Sierra and it was a huge club. On the first floor there were plenty of pool tables to play on which were all occupied by people so I did not get a chance to show my skills. On the 2nd level was the bar and dance floor. As soon as I walked up there I seen an ocean of people dancing, drinking and having fun which was exactly what I was looking for.

I met with a local friend that I had met earlier in the week and she introduced me to her friends and we all had a great time talking, drinking, dancing and just having good old-fashion fun. For those who were intoxicated(or sober) there were small food stands selling cheap food in front of the club which looked and smelled delicious. unfortunately I did not get to try anything because I had just enough cash to get me home. Speaking of cash, make sure to always have enough cash on you at all times because it seems as if no one accepted credit cards. Other than that I finally went home when the club was over (3am) as my night was filled with a great time and expectations were exceeded.


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